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Our strength is in the diverse team of Soil Scientists and Sales Agronomists with in-depth knowledge in crop nutrition and skills in responsive customer care.

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Our World Class Products & Services

Our products reduce agricultural emissions that contribute about 40% of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, and improve the soil health for nourishing of crops.

Solid Organic Fertilizer

Our fertilizer-KEMET Bokashi is produced by upcycling bio-waste using Black Soldier Fly technology to produce a nutrient rich soil amendment. Bokashi organic fertilizer has high nutrient content of, micro and macro elements (NPK) needed for crop uptake. This is available as solid or liquid fertilizer. Application crops: Vegetables, fruit trees, legumes, bananas, Tea, Coffee, Cereals, flowers, herbs and spices.

Foliar Fertilizers

Foliar Fertilizers are applied to crops or plants to boost their nutrient density and to correct nutrient deficiencies. They have the following benefits: (A) Have a greater uptake efficiency rate as opposed to soil application. (B) 100% soluble making nutrients readily available for the plants. (C) Stimulate the plants to create exudates in the roots which excite microbes to work harder and thus increases nutrient uptake from the soil. (D) Foliar fertilizers are a great supplement to boost flavors, sweetness, mineral density and yield from crops.

Free Extension Support Training

Bio Bloom incorporates agronomy advisory services in its business product offerings as a strategy for knowledge transfer and sharing with smallholder farmers and distribution partners. Our team of Sales agronomists provide training in organic farming, Insect Pests and Disease Management, and 4R nutrient management as a tool to ensure sustainable farming and improved yields among smallholder farmers. Our objective is to ensure sustainability of our business operations and increased impact of our fertilizer solutions to smallholder farmers. We do this through strategic partnerships with farmer groups/cooperatives, agro-input dealers and NGOs in agriculture sector.


What our clients are saying about us

They are very attentive consultants. Their team looked after me brilliantly from start to finish.

Twesigye Eriab


Bio Bloom Uganda has provided our business with a great service. We have regular farm visits to keep us up to date with the ever changing regulations, and their team completes a range of work on our behalf offering us a fast and efficient service along with much needed peace of mind!"

Namata Christine


Bio Bloom has a great working relationship with their clients and with the vast knowledge they have built in all sectors within agriculture you can be assured that they will deliver the best outcome for your business.

Ochom Julius


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